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blog# shutdown -r now

I’ve decided that a nuke and pave is required in order to provide something more useful and interesting out of this blog.

Given we’ve got a shiny new year, I’m going to aim to:

  • Create at least one content post a week.
  • Post at least one photo a week.
  • Create a historical record of what I’m doing, what I’ve found interesting and to act as a replacement for my shocking short term memory.
  • Share the knowledge I have with those that may find it useful, including my future self (because he’s probably already forgot whatever the hell it was he was after).
  • Join in the conversations I’ve previously been a passive audience to, and
  • Provide somewhere to show what Australia is really like to friends overseas.  First up, no, I really don’t have a pet kangaroo.

Comments and post topics are welcomed – feel free to contact me to discuss or suggest any topic you like.  Prods to remind me if I miss meeting this goals are also acceptable 🙂

And now the inaugural post is over with … again … let’s see how this brave new world turns out.

After all, 2009’s a new year with a fresh start.

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  1. Cindy says

    Dance music nut? WT…??? I’m crushed you never told me.


    Happy New Year! Great to see you writing again. Send whatever it is you’ve been taking to me… perhaps it’ll help me write too!

    • Greg says

      Happy new year to you too!

      For the record, I’ve always been a dance music nut although my nightclub and glow stick days are *way* behind me.

      Are you surprised, amused, horrified or interested in comparing collections? 🙂

  2. Adrian says

    Prods are welcome…

    I have just the thing 😀

    • Greg says

      I’m sure you do – don’t you go waggling that Blogger’s Prod again. You’ll have someone’s eye out.

  3. Graz says

    Love the new look. Glad to see some new posts!

  4. Adrian says

    Now, where did I put that prod…

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